Residential Fiber Cement Board Cladding

Residential Fiber Cement Board Cladding
ARCHITECT: H. Sloane Mayor MAKE Architects BUILDER: O’Hara & Gercke PHOTOGRAPHER: Gary Hall
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Cement Board Fabricators has been distributing the highest caliber of fiber cement products for almost 20 years. By only offering high quality products, our dependability & excellent customer service has made our reputation continue to grow.
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Cement Board Fabricators is a proud member of the USGBC, & we make every attempt possible to reduce our impact on the environment. CBF is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Our facility is located on 8 acres with around 13,000 sf of heated indoor storage space reserved for our inventories.

Cement Board Fabricators is dedicated to distributing the highest caliber of fiber cementitious products for residential properties within the U.S. at reasonable prices & in a timely manner, while providing each individual with constant & reliable customer support.

Photos by: Gary Hall, CR Forma Design, III AD Architects & Design, Jim Burton Architects, Derek Skalko, O’Hara & Gercke,
Strosser Architecture & Conservation, Francis Zera, Patano Studio Architecture, Art Grice, H. Sloane Mayor

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