About Us

Our Mission: Cement Board Fabricators is dedicated to distributing the highest caliber of fiber cementitious cladding products within the U.S. at reasonable prices and in a timely manner, while providing each individual with constant and reliable customer support.

fiber cementitious products Our web site includes all of the pertinent information needed for your upcoming projects. We do ask that you call our office to speak with a sales representative on the current product pricing or if you have any questions concerning our products.

We are always happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Fiber cement cladding sheets are the obvious choice for a cost-effective and low maintenance facade that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs.

Our products are installed on the popular Rainscreen Wall System. With this system the outermost layer is left open, with an underlying air cavity for ventilation. This air cavity helps prevent water and heat from transferring onto the underlying layers. CBF is located in Louisville, Kentucky. This is our only facility so all shipments will come from here. Our facility is located on 8 acres with around 13,000 sf of heated indoor storage space reserved for our inventories. At Cement Board Fabricators we fabricate fiber cement board cladding panels and ship to customers throughout the United States.