Installation Instructions

For demonstration purposes only & all information contained in our Product Guide must be used for proper installation.

1 – Your first step is to apply a breathable waterproof membrane. Water will penetrate our material so it is extremely important that your wall is 100 percent waterproofed by this membrane. This product should also be breathable to allow moisture from within the structure to escape.(Supplied by CBF)

2 – Second you must apply vertical furring strips of wood or steel. The furring strips must create a 3/4″ minimum air gap behind our material to allow for ventilation of the facade. The air gap must not be blocked at any point, so there will be a constant air flow from the bottom of the wall all the way to the top of the wall.

3 – Next you apply the EPDM rubber strips to the furring strips as a direct base for our material. The strips may be stapled or you may use a spray adhesive to hold them to the furring. The EPDM rubber strips help with movement of the material and must be used in all exterior applications.

4 – Finally you apply our fiber cement boards to the vertical furring strips. The material must first be pre-drilled with oversized holes to allow for movement of the material. While installing the material it is important to remember that you are working with a finished product so care must be taken so the face of the material is not damaged.

The Product Guide should be downloaded for use during installation. Hard copies are available and should be requested through our Sample Request.