European Testing Standards

EN ISO 13943Provides terminology relating to fire, principally fire tests
EN 12467: 2004Fiber-cement flat sheets; Specify product and test methods
The standard specifies the technical requirements and establishes the methods of inspection and what proof “As the conditions for acceptance of flat fiber cement slabs.”
EN 13238: 2001Reaction to fire tests for building products. Conditioning procedures and general rules for selection of substrates
5.2: Product Characteristics which are relevant for identification checking.
Annex B: Assessment of Durability
EN 13501-1Fire Classification of construction products and building elements
Part 1: Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests.(Clause-8.3)
A2: Fire Reaction Behavior
s1:  Smoke Production
d0:  Flaming Droplets
EN 13823:2002Reaction to fire tests for building products – excluding floors
Building products exposed to the thermal attack by single burning item.
EN ISO 1182:2002Reaction to fire tests for building products – excluding  floors
Non-combustibility test
EN ISO 1716Reaction to fire tests for building products – excluding floors
Determination of the heat combustion
Determination of the gross calorific value

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