Fabricating the Material

CBF will fabricate (cut & drill) per your cut list. Our facilities are equipped with cutting edge machinery to ensure clean lines and measurements. This blade leaves a sharp edge with minimal chipping. The correct diamond blades and drill bits are available for purchase from our facility. The fabrication must be done with the finished side facing up. If larger holes are needed use a diamond tipped hole saw. For cuts that don’t require a sharp edge, jigsaws with a carbide tip are required. It is imperative to only work with dry material and in dry conditions. Working with damp panels or in damp conditions will cause dust from the fabrication to “burn” into the panel and will leave permanent stains. This will void any warranty claims. Do NOT use adhesive tapes on the face of the panels.

Poly-Crystalline Diamond BladePoly-Crystalline Diamond Blade

For a sharp, clean edge the material can be easily cut using a table saw or a high speed circular saw with a Poly-Crystalline Diamond tooth blade. Cutting is done from the front side of the material to protect the surface from damage. This blade has a thin kerf for fast cuts with less dust. Do not use adhesive tapes to mark your cut lines.

Diamond Tipped Hole SawDiamond Tipped Hole Saw

 Holes requiring a sharp edge may be cut with a diamond tipped hole saw, or by drilling a series of holes no more than 1/4″ apart.

Carbide Tipped Jigsaw Blade

Carbide Tipped Jigsaw Blade

For cuts that do not require a sharp edge a jigsaw with a carbide tipped blade may be used.

Pre-Drilling the Material

The holes must be pre-drilled from the finished side of the material facing up using carbide tipped drill bits. (CBF can drill the material with dwg or dxf files.) The holes must be drilled larger than the shaft of the screw to allow for movement of the panel.

Only work with dry material & in dry conditions. Working with damp material or in damp conditions will cause the dust to permanent “burn” into the material & leave permanent stains.

Let us Drill! We can have your project pre-drilled for an easy install on the jobsite.

Steel FurringSteel Furring

When using steel furring strips there must be one fixed point near the center of the board with a 7/32” drill bit. The other dilation points will be oversized using a 9/32” drill bit.

Wood FurringWood Furring

When using wood furring strips you will only have dilation points using a 9/32” drill bit, which are all oversized.

Completion of Work

When the installation is complete check to ensure the cladding is clean and without damage, defects, or omissions.

When the installation is complete check to ensure the cladding is clean and without damage, defects, or omissions. It is important that you remove any dust from the face of the panels before installing to avoid the dust from permanently burning into the material.

fabricating-washRefer to the Fabrication & Cleaning Checklist on page 10 of the Product Guide.

Please contact CBF if further cleaning instructions are needed.

(Dust from cutting the edge)