Accessories Needed for Installation

Wind & Water Barrier*

There must be a wind & water barrier behind the facade cladding that is designed to make the structure impervious to the weather & the wind. Water will penetrate our facade cladding so it is extremely important to ensure that your wall is 100% waterproofed by the membrane. This product should be a breathable waterproof membrane to protect the substrate from damaging moisture from the weather, as well as allowing the building to breathe and the condensation within the structure to escape. *Required and supplied by CBF Inc.

* The maximum length of any furring strip is 10ft.
* NEVER use a combination of wood & steel furring.
* It is the client’s responsibility to choose the correct wood product.
* The use of treated lumber is not recommended.
* Specific static calculations must comply with local regulations.
* This Item is not supplied by CBF.


Supports / Furring Strips*

Regardless of the construction, our cladding sheets must be fastened to supports of sectional wood or steel. The depth of the strips must create a minimum 3/4” hollow air grip from back of our panels to the substrate.

Steel Dimensions

When using steel furring you may use hat channels, z-furring, or a combination of the two. The steel must be 16 or 18 guage.

Wood  Dimensions

When using wood we recommend painting the lumber black with an exterior grade paint or wrapping it with the weather barrier. This will not only help to preserve the wood, it will also hide the wood in the horizontal gaps.

EPDM Rubber Strips**


3 ½” x ⅛”

1 ¼” x ⅛”

The EPDM rubber strips must always be used on the supporting structure of wood or steel furring strips, & are applied as a direct base for our material. You may staple or use a spray adhesive to attach the EPDM rubber strips to the furring strips. These strips not only help to protect the furring, but also aid in the movement of our material. The wider strips are applied on the furring at the vertical joints & the narrower strips are applied on the furring in the field of the material. ** This item is supplied by CBF.

Stainless Steel Screws**

The panels are secured to the supporting structure using exposed stainless steel pan head screws. The screw spacing will be determined by the furring style used. Please refer to the installation instructions on page 13 & 14. The screws cannot be countersunk because the panels need movement to succeed.

You will be supplied with one driver per every 250 screws. All our screws for steel are self drilling.


Over tightening screws will restrict the movement of the panels, which will crack the panels.