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SILBONIT TM fiber cement cladding sheets are specially designed for external cladding, semi-exposed & external lining applications. Applied on a ventilated fascade our fiber cement products are a strong, durable & lightweight material, which provides an attractive cost-effective solution for a wide variety of projects.


SILBONIT TM cladding sheets belong to the new generation of asbestos free compressed & stabilized flat sheeting reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers. The sheets are non-combustible & resistant to rot, fungus & vermin attack.Click here to view our Product Guide.

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Color / Finish

SILBONIT TM cladding sheets are available in many beautiful colors ranging from our “Natural” earth-tone to our “Treated” colors that resemble eggshell paint sheen. It is important to note that the non-uniformity along with fading of the color & the presence of little imperfections are considered a common characteristic of the product & is not a defect as the panels are like a natural stone & does not look like an artificial product with an unnatural surface. These characteristics do not constitute a warranty claim & will not be entertained as such. The sheet is through colored & has impermeability.

The general resistance of the sheet to airborne pollutants can be enhanced by using the “Treated” material. The “Treated” sheets are coated with an alkali-resistant varnish using a UV polymerizing system, which makes the sheet resistant to graffiti. This treatment allows for and easily cleaned surface and will help the sheets maintain their beauty for many years.

The ventilation equalizes the changes in pressures, which can be caused by gusts of wind, climate change, or drying of the panels, as well as ensuring humidity & condensation from both inside & outside the structure is able to escape.

Materials Characteristics

Due to the nature of fiber cement products there will be variations in color as well as small imperfections ranging in size from a pin point to a dime. The color variations may be apparent within each board & from board to board. These characteristics mentioned above do not constitute a warranty claim & will not be entertained as such.

Sheet Sizes

The sheets are manufactured sizes of 4ft x 8ft & 4ft x 10ft. Our cutting service can fabricate the material to meet your project’s specific needs. CBF reserves a tolerance +/- 1/8” cutting & +/- 3/16” of material squared tolerance.

Thicknesses & Weight

The panels weigh 3lbs per square foot for the 5/16” thickness.


SILBONIT TM cladding sheets require no regular maintenance to uphold their strengths, qualities & functions. When using our materials, please remove any dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. from the face of the panel after fabrication & installation. Over time if the panels do happen to get dirty, a simple washdown with water & a mild detergent (Dawn dish soap) is usually sufficient.